Story teller

Tara came from back play time and ran up to get ready for dinner. I was surprised. She ran up on her own today. Without me begging her to do so. The incentive was this surprise she wanted to make for me. 🙂

I asked her what is this and she said – a flower since you love them, and their food since they die all the time and you feel bad. So I got food for the flowers in the same plate so they can eat and be healthy, and live forever.

I asked her what was the green ball for? She said, multivitamin. I asked her what the pink thing was. And she said – color for the flower to stay pink. (I had taught her about chlorophyll a few weeks ago)

So this was a lovely surprise for Mama on Friday because I took the time to play two memory games with her in one day 🙂

My story teller’s creativity knows no bounds and we can talk hours and days over these made up stories. This snuggle monster is getting quite big and catches moods and words these days. She had heard me talk about it being my fathers birthday on Sunday and that I wanted to get some flowers this weekend.

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