A lovely evening. A half hearted work out, a new fish curry recipe that came straight from the core of my heart , and a lovely chat with sista.

Was on a call today when suddenly heard a lot of noise and giggles from the other room. Tara and Agam were having some goofy time together. It definitely distracted me enough for the person I was meeting with to notice. When I told her what was going on, she replied, you are not distracted, you are just experiencing FOMO. And we both giggled for a while. She was right.

I love my 1:1s with her. She is always full of a lot of positive energy. Her drive to grow and make things better are so refreshing. I had almost forgotten what it felt to have a non stressful 1:1 with my team. Now she is not reporting to me, but I lead the team she is on. Yeah it’s convoluted. But we don’t care. We are just a bunch of people motivated to do things right, and move things forward. We don’t know what lies ahead. We are creating the future for us and our team. Yes, team. Not group.

So the fish curry was a quick one with coarsely chopped garlic, onion, curry leaves, Sri Lankan curry masala (home made – google it), green chilies, ginger powder and black pepper corns. Fried in some coconut oil with turmeric and mustard seeds. And once cooked, add a can of coconut milk, and then the fish and then bring to boil and switch off. The fish will cook in the latent heat of the curry. Voila!

And here’s my Haiku from the giggles today –

In your giggles, I /
find a lifetime worth of joy. /
May you never stop!

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