Worthy goals

I had to look up the word dabble in the dictionary today. Casually, superficially. Hmm… somehow nothing that I ever do is casual or superficial. But that word was used to categorize how I spent a good chunk of my time in the last quarter. Somehow I couldn’t get past that moment all day.

I’ve had many transitions. And most of the times they have been so pleasant. I am not used to a sour transition. Looks like I will have to experience that as well this time. Is it me? Or is it the circumstances? I don’t know. The only thing constant is me. And given that I have experienced so many transitions, my intentions stay pure. I will just do my bit and move on. But a sour transition from a team I poured a lot into, is not what I had expected. But then nothing in this team went as per my expectations. So high time we call it a wash and count the weeks.

Another good run day. But today the workout was not enough to get me out of this mood. It was still a good time spent on becoming a better version of my self 🙂 let’s keep chasing that goal. It’s a worthy one.

I love this photo of Tara’s. She runs back but doesn’t lose sight of the waves. Not scared, just awed! I feel a lot like that these days.

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