Joy is …

When two childhood friends find a few moments to chat about their not so encouraging corporate lives and together wonder why things can’t be simpler, and more amenable in this world, it feels so comforting. It was so darn refreshing to exchange messages with a friend while I was recovering from a work out in the evening. We laughed about never learning the ways of the world. I blamed him for not having leveraged his IIM education to get conditioned. And he was surprised how similar our consulting experiences were, despite being in different continents. I am not surprised how similar we are in our pursuits. We also chased the same ranks in class. Much to our teachers’ disappointment, neither of us harbor the ambitions that the world expected from us when we were growing up together.

A refreshing evening became even more rewarding when I decided to experiment with a one pot fish dish baked in the oven. Thai flavors of fish sauce, palm sugar, basil, tamari, lots of ginger and garlic and some fresh vegetables like bok choy, cherry tomatoes and Brussels sprouts and some quinoa 🙂 Cleansed the palette with some chilled beets and some Hess Select Chardonnay poured by my Lighthouse 😉

To top it all the basil and spring onions are homegrown on my kitchen window sil. Joy is in creating things that are just an idea at some point. A quick to make, one pot fish meal.

Joy is also in believing in and leaning on a friendship that lasts 27 years. But then.. who is counting…

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