My 12 day fun-filled break comes to an end. I think we are going to start a new set of rituals now. Our breaks will align with Tara’s. Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter. These refreshes are much needed. And I am glad Agam joined me too. We both needed some time off and little Ms Tara made sure we were kept busy.

Today we ventured off to Waddle Beach in Santa Cruz. The wind was insane. But it was fun. Quite an adventure to persist with our plans. We enjoyed the surfers and the waves, and the creek on the other side of the beach was a safe play area for our little fishy.

California is so beautiful and it has so much to offer. We are truly enjoying the backroads, the scenic highways, the lakes and beaches and rivers, this summer. And we promise to keep enjoying these natural low cost vacations in the future. And I am sure we have just scratched the surface. So much more to explore.

Picked up a new book today, The Bookshop. I am leaning towards fiction lately. Reality is too consuming. Might as well enjoy some light weight reading for a little while.

It’s Agam’s birthday tomorrow. And after 10 years of surprising him on his birthday, I finally call it quits. He is too naive to never catch my surprises. And on top of that a social distancing surprise with friends will be too much effort to pull off. Moreover my simple man does not quite care for these surprises. He’d be so happy to just sleep in instead.

We visited the Pigeon Point Lighthouse today. I love lighthouses. They are very symbolical for me. Like Agam is my lighthouse. Well, Happy Birthday , Lighthouse. May you keep guiding drifters to shore.

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