Sat in the sun and talked to a friend for hours. Met her after almost four years. Didn’t even realize how the months passed by, and each of our lives kept evolving. It was cathartic to be in her company after so long. One can say I moved to the Bay Area, knowing that she is here and hence I have nothing to fear. When I lost Dad, she was the one whom I called to help me get through those hours. She recently experienced something similar, and unfortunately I was not even aware. I wish I could be there. But four years is a long time for lives to diverge. Only to converge on this warm afternoon during a pandemic.

It’s the one blessing of this year. Getting back in touch with all those people you really care about. Who remind you of the person you were, and still are the core. Who bring out your best, and the most vulnerable side. Those who don’t judge you. Blessed to have such loving people in our lives.

Two more days before my summer break ends. This ended up being a great idea. And I needed it so much. A quick filter on the inbox, that only lets some emails come through. A resolve to not work. A commitment to being present in my interactions with whoever I meet. And a reset of habits that will hopefully stick. Sometimes you need to hydrate until you feel full. I don’t think I am full, but I am not parched as I was back in June.

This weekend we plan to watch some Harry Potter movies. Totally outside my comfort zone, but I enjoy watching movies with Tara. I am still processing the news of her school opening on Aug 19th. My little Tara will go to school. This sounds so big and I feel so old already.

From here on, our lives will change. And I am glad that I got these months with her, to pamper her and prepare her for what is to come. We talk about school everyday. She is looking forward to it. I am also looking forward to it for selfish reasons. A new school, a new schedule, new activities to plan, new constraints on my calendar, and more detachment from all those things that should not occupy my mind for more than eight hours a day.

Here’s a haiku for today

Sitting in the shade /
Hearing your thoughts, & sharing mine /
It must be summer

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