Wishing well

Agam and I have been haiku’ing together using an app called FoldPass. You pick your turns and pass it on. And what comes out is a haiku made by two minds 🙂 We played all weekend and made eight haikus so far. It’s fun, creative and connects us on a busy day. Highly recommend if you have a friend or a partner who likes to doodle with you.

We have thought of writing children’s books together but we lack an illustrator. But I have an idea. And I am going to run it by a creative friend 🙂

While the pandemic unfolds, Third World War takes shape, Bubonic plague begins to spread, and the year goes from bad to worse to worst – it’s important to keep my head into things that give me joy. And hopefully give joy to others around me too 🙂

My Bay Area activity research has been gaining some popularity. When someone asks me how I find these things I just don’t know how to explain. I like to find places. It’s a hobby. I like to figure things out, research, read, map it. Read the google reviews, the hiking project reviews, and whatever someone has to say about this place, and then create a list of likely candidates in close proximity of each other. So that there is a plan A and B and sometimes C. Now how do you explain this to someone?! Anyways I don’t like to keep secrets and share my adventures with anyone who cares.

The first third of my 12 day vacation comes to an end. Tomorrow Agam goes back to work while Tara and I continue our party time. And then on Thursday we go back into a 4 day weekend for the family.

It was fun running behind Tara’s bike today. I had imagined a day like today. Agam and me watching our kid learn to bike and us helicoptering around her 😉

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