a few little things

Filter Coffee, Lots of phone calls and FaceTime and lovely wishes from friends and family from near and far, a South Indian breakfast (not made by me), a quick workout, cake frosting, outdoor dining at Rooh, Palo Alto, a deep nap, more FaceTime and phone calls and love, cake cutting with Tara and Agam, followed by a driveway drop in by close friends, some coffee and then a drive to Pacifica to watch the sunset. I though this was enough. But nope. Universe had its plans. A beautiful full moon that led me through the drive, three sets of fireworks while driving on 101, and finally – Maggi and Ras Malai.

I don’t think I’ve had a better birthday than this. Tonight we reminisced one of my birthdays in NY when Agam and I made a dash to the top of the Empire State Building right before midnight. Tonight’s dash to Pacifica was also Agam’s idea. Things people do for love. Next weekend is his time to be spoilt. ❤️

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