Old times

While driving back from Sweet Diplomacy my phone was in the bag and auto play turned on that led to iMusic shuffling whatever songs were in my library. Since we usually stream, it’s been a while since I downloaded songs to my phone. With no control on my playlist, I just let the music roll.

The song that played was from an old TV series. It’s a ghazal sung by a Pakistani singer. https://g.co/kgs/yEbifm. Tara heard me humming the song and asked, “do you love the song?”

I smiled and said yes I used to love it a lot. To which she asked, “do you not love it anymore?”. And that got me thinking. It’s not that I don’t love the song anymore. It’s just that there are other songs that I also love that are on my mind these days.

Old songs are like old friends. We don’t stop loving them. We love all of them. Equally. Just that some are on our mind and some are in our conscience. And when they surface after decades, we connect just like old times.

Surya, Kshitij, Matthew, Rahul and I have started a WhatsApp group to stay in touch. We were together from 7th-10th standard. They are the yardstick I use for my friends even now. Diverse, non conformists, free spirited, opinionated and learners. Because of Kshitij and me, our gang never got into trouble. None of the teachers could believe our innocence when mingled with the mischief of the three others could yield much trouble. Huh!

I feel like a 12 year old conversing with them on WhatsApp. And they each take on the demeanor they used to, just like old times. Hearing their voices, watching their kids and reminiscing the best times of our lives has been a great refresh. Our lives were so simple. And none of us have changed..

And so I explained to Tara. We don’t stop loving our old friends, we make new, and love them all equally. Some stay with us, some drift apart, and some come and go as they please, knowing that it’s not the frequency of our interactions, but the depth of our friendship that matters. Just like her friends who are moving out of state will be part of her life, in some way, for years to come.

We are humans. We are capable of loving a lot. So we make a lot of friends and nurture our friendships.

With that she took a bite of her second Madeleine and gave me the last bite. Sharing love, how she knows it.

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