lessons learnt ; episode 8

#1 Managers are not mentors. They are not incentivized to mentor you.

#2 Pick Health over growth. Coz health will someday feed the growth. But if you have growth but no health, it doesn’t quite matter.

#3 Impostor syndrome is a disease. It can be cured by having a support system. Build your support system. Invest in it. As a woman you need it even more.

#4 You are dispensable. Your passion is dispensable. Your spirit is dispensable. Your impact is also dispensable.

#5 Trust is indispensable.

#6 Joy is indispensable.

#7 Not everyone deserves your energy. Save some for yourself instead.

#8 You can do a lot with a few good people. Grow them so they continue to be your good people.

#9 Careers are not about climbing ladders. Sometimes you go from managing 46 to 0 simply because it seems like something you really want to do.

#10 Build – Grow, and repeat

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