the potter’s wheel

Tonight I sit at the potter’s wheel

Shaping my life, and my dreams

In pursuit of excellence, purpose, and growth

I seek new goals, within my reach

I seek no glory, nor do I repent a defeat

I am just here to assess my will

I come to the wheel, every so often

To shape the cup I seek to fill

I seek to serve others, and I lose myself 

Trying to be what they want me to be

I come to the wheel, when I think it’s time

To give shape to my dreams, to be who I want to be

I set asail, I grow again

And just when the vessel comes to shape

I come back to the potter’s wheel, and ask myself

Where to, my friend? What shall we make?

I leave the cup to bake in the kiln

I attach no emotion to the end game

Tonight I am ahead, of where I was yesterday

And that’s all that matters in the end

It is not in my destiny to see the results 

Of what I sow, I shall never reap

I have but memories, and memories galore

And they are all mine to keep!

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