Cross roads

Cross roads, we are here again. We know each other too well by now. We can run but we cannot hide from each other. I am drawn to you and you like to tempt me. Catch and Release is the name of the game. I told myself I am tired of it. And I tried. But sometimes, the comfort of feeling in your skin, is more appealing than impostering in a world that can never be yours. And despite there being a multitude of reasons why I am at cross roads again, and regardless of how convenient it might seem to embrace status quo. I am not convinced I am in the right place doing the right things. I don’t even think I am me most of the time.

I want to solve, not stand by. When I care, I want to act decisively, not deliberately. I want to lead, not manage. I want to grow, not just expand. I want to influence, not tell. And I definitely don’t want to settle and maintain, when I can still create.

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