Smile on!

There are some of us who derive our reason to be (raison d’etre) from people. We need that energy that comes from smiles, hugs, pats on the back. humble and sometimes naughty eye contacts. We love to make others happy. We love to inspire. We love to share our energy. For those of us, this pandemic is very difficult.

We tell ourselves that it will be over. But it stretches on and on. We find ways to connect with others, but everyone is fighting their own crisis. We look inwards. We acknowledge this is difficult. And we commit to keep finding ways to be bring people together no matter what. We commit to find other sources of energy for ourselves. And we try and try. And then we get robbed of our own sanity. We withdraw. We go silent. We go back to our shell.

We are far and few and we know you are in a crisis too. But if someone reaches out to make you smile, try to. They might need your smile more than you think they do.

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