My bougainvillea & me

My bougainvillea is showing signs of life. To celebrate that I made a cup of tea for myself this afternoon. The bougainvillea represents me. We win despite odds. We survive. We bloom because we must, and we know the world is a better place because of us, and our actions and our intentions. We don’t wait for anyone to water our soil. We maximize resources and put them to use.

I love my bougainvillea. It is not perfect. It does not need to be. It does not grow as fast, and that’s ok. It also does not add much color to my garden. It just stays alive, and keeps coming back year after year. It is loyal. It is a survivor. And it doesn’t succumb under the pressure of the surrounding world. It has its goals, it’s journey, and it’s milestones and as long as nothing comes in the way, it blooms, reliably, every spring!

Spring initiates, and the rest of the year follows. I too am initiating, and hope that all else will follow. Just like my bougainvillea, the first flower takes time, but the bunches – follow!

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