A real weekend :)

A delightful weekend comes to an end. We swapped Sunday chore day with Monday since I am OOO on Mondays. And planned a weekend that really felt like one 🙂

Impromptu global cousin hangout and an extended hangout with Dadu and Dadi watching Kiaan and Tara’s activities. A Bollywood music morning with Chole Kulche and Shikanji (lemonade), a lovely afternoon nap, an evening spent in the yard cleaning, planting and claiming it back from our non resident cats. Followed by a walk in the neighborhood and a quick dinner. And then – Money Heist!! Binged till midnight and then a peaceful sleep. Oh not to forget some tulips for the vases.

Sunday was special with another global cousin hangout, and a hearty dosa with Sri Lankan curry meal. I learnt how to make the curry powder and made it with Jackfruit. Finger linking yummy 😋. An afternoon siesta and then a drive to Santa Cruz and some beach time at Twin Lakes beach. Of course I teared up just looking at the water and the waves and the wide expanse of the ocean. It was a much needed tete-a-tete with the ocean. The crabby was missing the water too much. Oh was she delighted or what! And watching Tara play with the waves and the sand reminded me that life will be back soon.

After coming back home I left again for an hour long walk. Went to Ava’a and brought some strawberries and coriander. Whimsical shopping for a strawberry salsa that’s been on my mind. The walk left me tired and Agam proposed Thai for dinner. So we ordered in, and watched Scooby Doo while we ate.

I didn’t bake this weekend, but a friend has been baking and dropping off delicious treats at our door last few weeks. And today we were spoilt again with a delicious loaf of olive oil cake with lemon and poppy seeds. Our breakfasts are a treat thanks to her. 🙂

Told ya we have plans for the weekend! Those were all our plans and impromptus, and we enjoyed a real weekend with a lot of real fun 🙂

Let’s hope the week is also as fun 🙂 It’s been a while.

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