Monday Funday!

My best Monday yet! Tara and I played school in the morning. It’s a pretend play activity where we talk about important stuff like 5 rules of good kids and 5 ways to be awesome, to teach her things like being kind, helping others, making her bed everyday, and helping with chores around the house (haha), speaking the truth, and staying happy and positive. We set up school with the stuffed toys and Tara and we take turns personifying the stuff toys 🙂 It’s a heavy dose of creativity to kick off the morning. Following that we listened to songs and planned our day while drinking milk and coffee. She is such an emotive chatterbox. I wonder where she gets that from 🙄. And then we played with Playmobil set and set up 121 pieces (I counted) together. It was sooooo much fun and a wonderful way to disconnect.

While she dialed in for her virtual circle time, I caught up on some work emails. After class her friend invited her to a FaceTime sketching play date and the two shared a good 30minutes drawing and coloring together. It was super duper cute.

Lunch and then nap. And I caught with someone from work whom I had not checked in on for a month. It was therapeutic to chat with her. She makes me feel heard. Tara took a looong nap and missed her second circle time. And I let her sleep, while sheepishly finishing a document I started on Friday. I finished right when she woke up and we enjoyed an episode of Peg and Kat and a memory game, with popcorn. As always we fought over popcorn and then the daddy daughter duo slipped into their evening bonding time with a stack of four books.

So here I am. I food prepped over the weekend and hence fewer steps to dinner.

And that’s it. Just like that from one week to another, one day to another, and one moment to another – we will find our way out of this madness. I simplified my priorities and it is helping already. Tara is happy, I am happy and Agam is always happy 😃.

I cannot emphasize enough the importance of making your schedule work for you. To each their own. There is no one size fits all here. And the more one accepts it, the easier it gets.

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