a whirlwind week

ending the week on a high –

  • Reviewed several rainbows that Tara drew
  • Witnessed her reading her first book. Yes it was small and simple. But she read it cover to cover with no help. 
  • Cooked all our meals at home 
  • Drank only 5 cups of coffee in the entire week. 
  • Went for my first Spring walk for 40min with Agam and Tara
  • wrote a PRD or pseudo PRD after 5.5years. 
  • managed a project plan across 50+ people after 7 years
  • didn’t lose it and kept exhaurcasm [syndrome of converting exhaustion into sarcasm] in check [for the most part],
  • delegated and asked for help 🙂

The first and the last one were the toughest  😉

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