I had two meetings today that sucked life out of me. And I have 2 summits and a performance review to attend to. In anticipation of exhaustion, I have decided to take Friday off.

It’s not even end of February yet. And the year is already wearing down on me. I badly need a reset. And there is nothing on the horizon to look forward to.

But amidst all this negativity, I met Anand for lunch today. After five years. We worked in a client- consultant relationship when I was at Salesforce. There are very few consultants I trust. Anand and Randy are few of them. It was so refreshing to see Anand and get a warm hug from him. Just like old times. Sigh! People like me keep yearning for the old times. I wish I could turn back the clock.

I am going to be completing 5years in Google this April. How did that happen? Don’t know. I am not the one who stays in one place for so long. But Google offered me a fair mix of opportunities in these five years to keep it fresh. Yet, it’s become stale lately. I love the people. But the problems I was trying to solve 5 years ago, continue to exist. And neither was I in a position to solve them back then and not am I able to solve them five years since. This depresses me. I will get over it. But for now I feel like I have not evolved in last five years. I had a lot of fun and met a lot of awesome people. But did I grow in the real sense of the word? Don’t know. I think I am going to take Friday off to understand that

Anyways – not a great start to the week. But I know I will fix it somehow. I usually do.

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