Barely made it!

I am the queen of creating problems for myself that I cannot solve. I don’t know why I walk into these chaotic situation, confuse the heck out of myself, question everything around me, and then regret walking in to the problem in the first place. I am quite tired of creating such ridiculous problems for myself. But such dilemmas attract me like magnet.

I am really lucky that I come out without much damage. But some day that will not happen and I will learn a lesson.

At this point I am just glad that things turned out as they did. And I was spared from making a bad decision. Or for that matter, a decision. I don’t know how to feel about it. But I know that my restlessness for the last two weeks can now go to hell.

Only until I find the next problem to invite 😦

In my defense I don’t pretend to be perfect. I am broken and I accept it. Sometimes more broken that I should be. But so what?

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