Sweet Bean Paste

Durian Sukegawa has a deep message to convey in his short and sweet book titled Sweet Bean Paste. Durian and Viktor Frankl should be invited to debate the meaning of life. And I will be the only audience 🙂 perhaps !

Their motions are conflicting. But insightful, nevertheless. Whether we are born to find purpose in serving the society, or to merely observe and experience, one thing is true, there is no such thing as one universal truth. Truth is what we seek for ourselves. How we justify our existence is up to us. But these two authors and their stories are a great way to explore the subtle similarities in their goals and the positivity with which they approach suffering .

Start to finish in 12 hours, with a 8 hour sleep cycle in the middle, Sweet Bean Paste is not Murakami’esque. But delightful in its own way. Happy to lend 🙂

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