Sweet moments @ Sweet Diplomacy

We’ve had quite a week already. So although it was just Tuesday we headed to Sweet Diplomacy after work today.

Well I burnt my arm and a big black patch of pain has been printed on it since Sunday evening. I’ve been working from home, and that makes me really mad. And Tara had a doctor’s appointment that ended in a blood draw. That was all just enough to tip us over to the whimsical side. God bless Agam! For he deals with two not one whimsies. Good news for him – we are not whinies or wimpies. We know how to milk our whims and fancies, especially when it comes to medical trauma.

But that’s not what this post is about. This post is about kindness that exists in this world. The world that I always envision and how it sometimes delivers to my expectations. (Yep, I am still whimsical. I kid you not. It was easier to deliver Tara after 35 hours of labor. Than to bear the pain this burn caused me. I will be whimsical all week.)

So we entered Sweet Diplomacy and Tara asked for cupcakes. There was a woman ahead of us with a box of 12 cupcakes in her hands, paying at the counter. She heard Tara’s voice, looked around and said, “awww!” The baker and she exchanged sorry glances since they didn’t want to tell Tara that the lady ahead of us had just bought all the cupcakes. I felt sad and started to show the Madeleine to Tara. Hoping to distract her.

But then the lady with the box of cupcakes turned around and bent over to offer Tara a cupcake of her choice from her box of 12. I was shocked and immediately teared up. I mean who on earth does something so sweet. Tara was shameless she went for the chocolate cupcake despite Agam and my audible concerns. The kind lady looked at us sternly and said, “NO. she gets to have a cake today.”

We thanked her profusely and offered to pay but she wouldn’t let us. The baker and I flushed with emotions looked at each other and smiled. I told her, “look at you baking these delicious gluten free treats and making the world a better place. You deserve the credit for building a place where such moments can happen.” She smiled and thanked and made us some delicious lavender hot chocolate and cafe noisette. I am so in love with everything made at that store.

Tara was one lucky lady tonight. And the kind lady ahead of us at Sweet Diplomacy reaffirmed my faith in the kindness that exists in this world. You just need to look for it. Or you can have shameless (read cute) kids like Tara! Choice is yours šŸ˜‰

Anyhow – our Tuesday turned into a Friday. But we still have 3 more days before we can call it the weekend šŸ˜¦ God save those who have to deal with us. This ship will only turn around next week.

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