My big girl

Last night I was upset about something at work. Usually when I come back I have Agam to share it with. But since he was on the flight on his way back from Florida, I felt lonely and missed having a partner to share my woes with. So I gave Tara a chance 😉

What happened next is the most adorable evening for the two of us. First she listened to me with all the focus in the world. Then she asked some really good questions. I couldn’t believe that she understood the underlying reason for my disappointment. And then she offered some advice – well let’s not go into that part. When I countered her advice and said what she is suggesting is not possible, she finally said – ok then let’s go find a good coffee and a cup cake.

We enjoyed a freshly made cup cake at Sweet Diplomacy, while I enjoyed a delicious and consoling cup of coffee. And then we went for dinner.

Throughout the evening when she’d see me turn somber because of course I was still thinking about work, she cracked a joke or did something silly to pull me out of my mood.

When we were getting ready for bed she told me I can always tell her everything. She might not understand but it’s okay. It’s important to share how you feel with those you love and trust. She used my sentence back at me.

We hugged and I cried and she and I slept in her bed until Daddy came home at 10.

Someone once asked why did you want to have a daughter so desperately. The reason is this. She is not my daughter. She is my best friend. She fills my void and lightens up my life. I am sure sons can do that too. I just know how to get that from a daughter. Because I am one.

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