Sky is pink

For some reason I decided to watch Sky is Pink. Depressing, and too long. Waste of my time. It wasn’t the only thing I did for myself today that was a waste of time. I had a terrible sprain in my neck today. I could barely move my neck and was in utter useless state all morning. To my surprise I even found a massage appointment for 30min at lunch. How proud I was of actually taking the time to care for myself. But – that was also useless. Waste of 30min of time and massage points. The sprain did not get better and except for oodles of cream on my neck and hair, nothing good came out of that massage.

As I was typing this Bua sent me a message to share that she has started having mental conversations with me. And I kid you not. I have too. I was imaging what I want to do with my nieces when I am with them, while I was driving to work. I need to catch up on their almost teenage life. It brought tears to my eyes thinking of my time with them. And also seeing Bua’s cute message. Hahah I am tearing up just thinking of the memories to be made 🙂

There is just so much to wrap up before our flight next Wednesday. I really need this break. I need a reset. Agam is right , I fill my empty hours with work. I need to get better at it. I will.

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