Take the time, eat the cake

After work tonight, I went to Books Inc. to buy holiday gifts for my team. The gift wrapping was going to take some time so the gift wrapper told me to come back in 20min. At first I decided to sit in the bookshop and catch up on my email. But then I was reminded of an old mentor friend who used to tell me to take the time and eat the cake.

So I went next door to Paris Baguette and ordered myself a delicious strawberry cream cake. They make the best cream cake possible. Light on sugar, soft as sponge and delicious cream with fresh strawberries. At first I felt so stupid ordering myself a piece of cake and sitting by myself in a corner. But then I decided it’s been quite a year in so many respects. Why don’t I just take the time and eat the cake. And listen to holiday songs while I do that.

So I did just that and celebrated me. I am always disappointed with myself , but today I just reveled in the force that’s within me that keeps pushing despite my flaws. I don’t believe in perfection anyway. So here I was enjoying this broken and messy me 🙂

There is a reason for my despondence. I met Rosie after three years. She still works at FRC as a barista. She seemed happy. She made me realize how some people will be happy just where they are. And there are those like me who hop and jump and skip and run, chasing that very happiness.

To each their own. I am going to go back to my hop and skip and jump and run, year after year. But, at least I took the time to eat the cake today.

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