Soup and nuts

Countdown has started.. 10 days to Christmas and kids going home. Can’t wait to spend time with the family. Even though it looks like just 10 days there is so much to do. It drives me insane just thinking about this checklist.

Today we plan to go for Google holiday party. I haven’t attended a holiday party as an employee yet. Yep it’s been almost 5 years. We were busy raising Tara or screwing up on getting the wrist band in time (like last year). Of course it is different for Agam to go as a guest. We used to attend all holiday parties for both Google and Salesforce before we had Tara. And I always found the Google Eng holiday parties rather boring. Salesforce surely knew how to throw a better party back then 😉 Let’s see how this one goes.

We’ve been busy sorting out Tara’s school options. And it’s a darn challenge. It’s as challenging as buying a house. Of course our bet on Mountain View hasn’t quite panned out as we expected, in terms of the school system. And hence we are back to public vs private debate. And in that too there are so many options to evaluate. I don’t like to over complicate choices. But this one is hard to untangle. I am sure every parent thinks their child is unique and needs a special environment for their child to thrive. We are no different. I was fortunate to go to a very different and refreshing school system back in my old little town of Saharanpur. And my memories from that time are precious and plenty. I’d like Tara to have that kind of foundation that I got. I was just lucky. But for Tara we need to make a deliberate attempt at finding a good fit for her. I am sure we will make the right decision in the end and if we don’t we can always switch school mid way. Sigh!

I went for a run that became a run – sprint – walk activity. Weather was brutal but I had fun. Wanted to stop by 1oz to get a nice Gibraltar and then I figured I should make one at home. So I trotted back home. Didn’t get to the Gibraltar since French toast was on the menu. And my Tara gets to make all sorts of wishes today because Mama and Dada are going to leave her with a babysitter. Phew! She has already added 1 episode of a TV show to the agenda. Her teacher from school will be with her tonight. Now these two weren’t the best of friends back when Tara was in her class. But Tara knows she needs to just eat her dinner and sleep 😉

This appeared today morning. I hadn’t checked out the garden in a while. A delightful surprise. An innocent one to that.

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