Winter sunshine plays hide and seek, the cold wind brushes cheek to cheek. I come out to play and run, and this world becomes so much fun!

Yes I am back to running – last week started well but a mid week burnout led to bad results. But I am back at it this morning. The gush of cold air in my ears and the warmth of my own body are two of my motivations. The wind is like a cleaner. Like a vacuum cleaner. It cleans the cobwebs of my mind.

As the knees and the shoulders become loose and the legs find their rhythm it’s like observing a fine piece of machinery in motion. The warmth it generates is very purifying. Running to me is like a dip in the Ganges.

Why I don’t do it often is a mystery to me. I wish running was like writing so I can fit it in whenever I want. But I need the right shoes and the right leggings —- you get the point.

On that note I was feeling very tired at work yesterday. I don’t know what it was but the drill of meeting to meeting was getting a bit tiring. So I wanted to go out and take a walk for 15min to go get some fresh air. As impossible as that looked based on my calendar, it turned out just fine. A meeting ended early, and I could step out and inhale some fresh air. (It was such a joyful walk. I hope no one noticed when I kicked my feet in air celebrating a little achievement)

On the personal front, Project Timtim is about to begin. Tim Tim is how the stars shine and that’s how I feel Tara’s presence in my life. So what better name for her sixth birthday project than – Project Timtim. I want to complete it before it’s time for JLIT next year.

In another 2 weeks I will be reflecting on the year that went by, right before we take the winter break and head home for ten days of family time. I started this tradition four years ago when one fine Christmas morning I felt an urge to go home just like everyone else was doing around me. And I asked myself – why not? I know it’s just 10 days. But it’s 10 days every year. I know flights are expensive, but if I cannot spend on this then what can I spend on? So those were simple questions to answer and we got into a habit. I want to keep this habit going for as long as we can. Our families look forward to it and so do we. And just like everyone else we also go home in December 🙂 I am not the fish that swims in the direction of the current. But in December this fish likes to go home, just like everyone does.

I wonder when US will be home for me. Or will it ever be?!

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