Winter Soups

I get bored of the typical vegetable dishes very easily and am always on a look out for more interesting ways to eat our veggies. Winter is fun because you can always make winter soups with the roasted root vegetables. If you don’t know what I am talking about.. read on.

The sheet pans are my best friends in winter. Toss in any of these veggies below in a lot of olive oil , salt, pepper, or any other herbs that you like, add some garlic and shalllots to them, and roast at 375-400 for 30min until you see some charred corners.

The veggies I usually use are – cauliflower, sweet potatoes, sweet peppers, butternut squash, beets, tomatoes, carrots, and parsnips. You can make a combination of carrot, and tomatoes, or parnsip and carrots, or cauliflower and sweet peppers. Be creative!

Once your veggies are roasted, put them in a sauce pan and cover them with broth (home made is better, but honestly, use whatever works for you.) Add some salt, and pepper. Bring the veggies to a boil, and then simmer for 15 min. The veggies get soft and puree easily after that. Toss your mix into a Vitamix or use a hand held immersion blender, and puree it up.

Some times I like to dress up my soups. Like today we were having cauliflower with sweet pepper soup. I fried some garlic and shallots in avocado oil, and added all spice to it. I garnished the soup with this mix and it added a different flavor. If you don’t want to dress it up, just drizzle some olive oil or pepper and voila!

You can also use these soups as pasta sauce base. Another delectable way to enjoy your veggies.

Looking forward to a soupy winter 🙂

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