what’s with the dates

Life has a very interesting way of getting back at me. After 9 years, I will be in Delhi in October. I am traveling to India for work and the dates couldn’t be more interesting.

I arrive on the 29th. I spoke to my father for the last time on Sept 29th, 2010. I will spend this day with my Mom. I am in Hyderabad for next few days, and then I arrive back in Delhi on Oct 2nd. I should have been in Delhi on October 2nd, nine years ago. It’s the day I lost him. I will be with my family on the 2nd, as I should have been nine years ago. I guess it was meant to be.

I tried to avoid this trip so much. First because it is a long stretch without Tara. And second because these dates are too intertwined with a very difficult fact of my life. But we learn to face our fears. And hopefully I will too.

On the flip-side, I get to be there for a critical pilot, shadow some sites, meet the team in HYD. And also, meet the family. Of course we will be back in India in December. But it is always nice to see everyone. Especially those who are not keeping too well. And I get to be there at Durga Puja. Even if it is just for half a day.

Sigh! It’s been such an interesting year so far. And it keeps getting more interesting.

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