Seldom you come across a movie that truly disconnects you from the real world and tugs on your emotional strings. A tad bit taut if I may add. Photograph, by Ritesh Batra was just that. A story of two souls who find comfort and companionship in the most unlikely scenario. With no future, no hope for their companionship to ever evolve beyond that, just that. So incomplete, and yet so fulfilling. So pure, and yet so desirable.

Two people who when together don’t feel like misfits. Each scene feel as if you are watching two silhouettes dance around each other, with no chance of a union, or even an attempt to build one.

A realist love story is what I’d call it. But even that is too strong a word for something as delicately woven as Photograph. I put it in the same category as The Cairo Time, Once Again, and maybe Before Sunset. Conversational love stories.

Powerful acting and a beautiful backdrop of a city I love to hate, but also love to catch glimpses of, onscreen. This was a delightful watch on a Thursday night!

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