Swinging back to the real life…

Kauai you have been so kind to me on this trip. I came here with a very tired mind. And you calmed me like never before. With your purity, simplicity, and the greenery, you soothed me and cradled me back to a state of bliss.

Sitting here on this lanai as I hear the ocean waves crashing and the rooster go around wishing everyone a very good morning, I feel like I have been here forever. Like it has been this peaceful forever. This is the state of mind that we all deserve. There is joy in knowing that even a busy mind like mine can achieve this state of rest. And there can be joy in re-creating this state even when I don’t have the ocean at my door step, and the sound of birds to anchor on.

In the past five days we enjoyed the North Shore of Kauai to its fullest. Kauai is my favorite Hawaiian island. And North Shore is my favorite part of it. It is lush green and tranquil. Also, magical. Puff the magic dragon lived in a town called Hanalei. And for sure did Puff find the most amazing place on earth to make home. When it rains, the waterfalls come gushing through the peaks, there are plenty of rainbows and at every time of the day, and the clouds take over the town in the evening, creating beautiful patterns in the sky, at the time of sunset. And not to forget the Milky Way also makes its grand appearance over the Hanalei Valley look out on a clear night. There are no shopping centers like Wailea and Poipu. Just a few coffee shops. ice cream shops, and a handful of restaurants for dinner.

There are a few things I love about the islands – the ocean, the waves, the sunshine, impromptu rain, sand, night sky, clouds, sunsets, sunrises, and the island breeze. Add to that a sailing trip, a few nature walks, delightful food, beach time with Tara and Agam, and quiet times on the lanai, and you have a recipe for success. We went back to see the Napali coast this time. The waves were rough, and the company splendid. I call Napali the temples of Kauai. The conical peaks and the layered patterns make the temples of Kauai special. You have to see these peaks once and you will fall in love with them. I did almost six years ago, and then I dragged my familia back to enjoy the temples with our little Tara, again, on this trip.

I am a romantic at heart. No surprises there. But Kauai brings out the best in me. I choke up when I look up at the green valleys and the wide calm ocean. There is nothing as beautiful as Kauai in the world. I hope it stays that way.

Today is Ganesh Chaturthi. When I was in Nagpur it was my favorite time of the year. A few years ago when we were in Kauai we found a Hindu Monastery. It’s a Shiva temple up in the mountains. We plan to visit it today before heading to the airport. I am not religious but I am spiritual. I am amazed at the series of spiritual coincidences we have encountered on this trip. Spotting the Milky Way, right before it started raining and now visiting the temple, in Kauai, on Ganesh Chaturthi, being a few.

Something is telling me this was a trip I had to take for reasons larger than just a vacation. Although it seems like the trip is coming to an end, this culmination is a beginning of its own kind. With the blessings from the stars, with the ocean wind in my heart, and a rain cleansed mind, I am refreshed, and revived. With blessings from the one who will remove obstacles along my way, let’s swing back into the real world, and start afresh!

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