Power of choice

I am a proud mentor today. I coached someone on something even I didn’t follow for myself. And I am so proud of her decision making skills and her evaluation of her own skills and strengths.

I worked with R at Salesforce and we have stayed in touch over the last five or so years. She was applying for a position at Google and I was working with her through the process. When the offer came through, it was for a level lower than I would expect for her. She asked for my honest opinion and I did not refrain. I told her to stand up for her skills and evaluate the offer. She should be comfortable being at the level and compensation offered to her for at least a couple of years. Which in my opinion was not a fair ask given her career trajectory. Decision was hers to make. We had a few rounds of discussions and I tried not to give her a definitive opinion. It’s her career after all and I am actually a bad example.

As women we sometimes under estimate ourselves and settle for less. I did it to my own career. And I was contemplating it again. It is a very default option for us. But not for her.

She refused the offer. Good job!

She still has a dream job at one of my favorite employers 🙂 She has nothing to regret here.

I am so proud of the decision she made. Despite Google being a closer option for her from commute perspective. You go girl! You did the right thing.

The problem with underestimating yourself is that when you do it once, you find it easier to do it next time. It becomes a crutch. You justify that it worked out in the long run. But it doesn’t quite happen that way.

I am still not sure I did the right thing. But I know she will not live through this phase of regret. And I am happy for her.

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