HBD, Sinha

My most favorite birthday wish was from Sinha. “You grow and look younger every year.” He knows how to make a woman smile. He has known that for the two decades that I’ve known him. We have competed in several debate championships and yet, despite our competitive personalities, we developed a very beautifully friendship over the years 🙂

Today is his birthday. Happy birthday, Sinha. I miss those days when I’d enter the auditorium, eyes scanning the room. Hoping that you’d not come for this one, so I can have a simpler rebuttal round. And then secretly hoping that you are there since the two of us always made a humorous pair and added so much fun to any event. You always played to win, no matter what. And I always played to win against you 😉

I recall laughing at your girl friends in college. Always surrounded by a group of them. Yet looking out for the next catch. And I also remember consoling you when one of them broke up with you. I never understood why your taste in women was so poor.

I still recall the picture postcard you sent me from Poland. I recognized the handwriting from the one time you dropped by the hostel and left a note and some chocolates. Now that was quite a rumor mill you started. I still have girls from my hostel wonder if Agam’s last name was Sinha 😉

Well you are older now. It’s obvious and showing. So while I am looking younger by the year, you are definitely giving in to the age phenomenon 😉

Our conversations have thinned down. But we still remember each other’s birthdays. You still say the sweetest things to make me feel good. And I still cannot resist being as evil as I can be in my response to you. Since everyone loves flattering you all the time. I have to play the balancing act and keep you grounded. You owe me one, you know that.

Happy Nasty Birthday! 50th is it? 😉

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