Notes from this morning

‘Twas a good morning jog and stroll. Finally got out after a month long break. At first it was fear of running into another freak accident and then vacation and then the sweltering heat. For one reason or another I was missing on my morning hour dedicated to “self”. I found it today. It was right there in front of me, but the piles and layers of “stuff ” was hiding it.

It was a refreshing jog. The crisp air. Clean vibes. And an empty mind. I love morning walks for the opportunity they present to create, envision and converse. A silent conversation with myself 🙂

Let’s keep the habit. Summer will be gone in no time and then the DST will kick in making it hard to get up in the dark. So might as well enjoy the next four months.

It’s a short week at work. And then we fly to Orange County for the long weekend.

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