To each their own…

What a fun and strange day.

I love the people I work with. And that’s very important to me. It’s a very critical criterion for me when it comes to picking my teams.

As Agam is currently contemplating his near term career plans, believe it or not, it was my team that I leaned on to offer him some guidance. Strange, but so endearing. (I am sure there is a better word that endearing for this. I cannot think of one).

That’s the beauty of Google. You get to work with people with diverse backgrounds, experiences and perspectives. And they are always so willing to help. Today, I extended that privilege to Agam. Well too bad he left this privileged life without really experiencing it to the fullest.

Anyways I am so happy he got to experience what I experience every day 🙂 He thinks I am spoilt. I say I am thankful.

In another happy Googler news we ended up having a mini Sops (ex team) reunion. It was nice to catch a break and connect with the team that I brought together in past life. Much of the core team has been split apart ever since. But we are all still in the same campus and that helps. It is so relaxing to be in the company of that group. I am yet to discover the reason why. We are all sort of the same age group, with similar challenges and similar aspirations. So we have a lot of common experiences to talk about. Every time we are together, we feel heard. It’s a good feeling.

Another good news – I’ve raised close to $500 for AkshayPatra for my birthday. I will match that and Google will match our combined amount. So in total we should make a dent worth $2K towards feeding kids in India. One good deed done this year! Yay.

Anyways, I hope Agam makes the right decision. I don’t know what is the right decision in this case. Usually we are able to figure it out between ourselves. This one is hard.

I have always believed that there are very few decisions that you cannot back track from. So nothing is quite as irreversible as we make it to be. And there is always a choice to do nothing. Just maintain status quo. Hah! But that’s the risk averse spouse perspective. I am glad Agam has heard several perspectives to neutralize my inputs 😉

I initiate most of my decision-making with a lot of analysis and then in the end I follow my instinct. I don’t lead with the heart, but I do let it rule in the end. I don’t know if that’s the right way to make decisions. But it kinda sorta works.

To each their own…

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