luz y sombra (light & shadow)

Today I figured out why I love listening to songs in different languages, without really understanding their meaning. Because I am really after the music and the rhythm, and I am pretty good at – (1) fitting my own lyrics to the music and (2) just imaging what the song might be about. I had this realization when I was listening to Luz y Sombra. I somehow knew that the song was about some sort of a contrast. And I swear I made it up without knowing the translation. I only looked up the lyrics now, six hours later. 😀

You, carry fresh roses in your soul

I, eternal and overwhelming disappointment

you, the calm of a summer sky

I, the ill-fated sadness of winter 

Frustrated by spending so much time writing something I didn’t enjoy, I challenged myself to come write for myself 🙂 At least something good came out of the three hour torture. I am particularly allergic to writing about myself in that way. I wish I could write in third person… I do that with OOO messages sometimes. Whatever!

Oh for the nth time in my short life, convictions and convenience went to war yesterday. Convictions won the short term, but the verdict is pending on the long term. I kicked myself in the foot for being so stubborn. But in the end I felt better. When I told Agam, he thought I was being difficult. Really?! I had to fight the battle in my mind, and I was being difficult? Ok so be it. But it reminded me of this phrase I read once.

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