we both survived

To see human life tossed around on a road.

To see a child’s bleeding forehead stain my walking shoes.

To see the Cops, the paramedics and the fire fighters swarm like bees around me.

I woke up this morning to see and experience all of these. I was a witness to an accident that broke my heart.

I admit I have experienced a lot. But nothing could have prepared me for what happened today. An almost hit and run. A shriek so loud I scared myself. The heart pacing up and down, as I held the hand of the child who was hit in front of my eyes, by a racing car.

I am still shaken. Very tired. And emotionally stirred. It is a lot to process and write about. Tonight I will just sleep. But not without a prayer for the child that sleeps in the hospital tonight, with his brave Mom by his side.

He survived. And so did I.

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