My compass is shifting

The compass is shifting. I can feel it. It swung far right when V asked me at dinner last week, “what’s your greatest joy?” I wonder if she too read about happiness and joy.

I am seeing a new horizon. A gap to mend. A hole to fill. An opportunity to learn. A few reflections that did not come from me, but that matter, that need to be internalized. With just one hope and one desire – it will make me a better human regardless of the context. And I accomplish my primary joy of passing that on to the human I am raising.

I get so excited about the prospect of learning something new. I hope I never get over that addiction. I am also so fortunate to have the best of coaches and mentors to set my sail in the right direction. I have so many people I can open up to, and share my worries and my dilemmas. Some advice and others just listen, while I wonder if I am being silly, being judged, or just warmly loved. But despite all of that – I feel nourished with the diverse perspectives I get exposed to.

In fact, I had an epiphany this week – employees shouldn’t measure his/her worth by his/her accomplishments, but by the number of people around who are willing to invest their trust and time in him/her. Are there people vested in your success? If yes, you have nothing else left to prove.

As Papa said today, “when you are ready, the teacher appears.” And I am so fortunate that I have so many teachers to smoothen my rough edges.

I may not be wise but I am a learner. And I have found a new area to learn. And there can be nothing more exciting than the joy of exploring new frontiers. Mending new gaps and filling new holes and striving to become someone you know you can be. But it requires someone to show you the mirror, and someone to show you the way and someone to trust you. They all won’t be the same person. But as long as you have one for every season, you should do just fine.

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