Weekend recap

A tough week gave way to a beautiful weekend that had all the ingredients needed to make it a memorable one.

– a silly but sweet Bollywood movie on Friday night- mostly by myself – but Agam joined me towards the end 😉

– a few hours in the grocery stores 🙂 I was disappointed to not see the variety of gluten free options I had hoped for. But picking my produce early in the morning with Bollywood music playing in my ears, is my kind of morning. The streets are empty, the stores are quiet and I can enjoy my drill at my own pace!

– outing with the salesforce girls. And the dramatic exit to save two of them getting parking tickets. It’s fun growing old with this bunch. How swiftly our conversations switch from eye candy to aging parents and kids is indicative of the spirit in us that propels us to stay young. Now I need a trip to SF to see the latest Clooney 😉

– a quiet evening at home with a beautiful movie – five flights up – Morgan freeman and Diane Keaton, in a rom com about NY, and growing old with the one you love.

– a missed birthday party 😦

– an evening–)midnight of weekly cooking and taxes with visa paper work and chitter chatter intermingled 🙂

– a 4.8 mile hike in La Honda, Mindego Hill, with a steep elevation and scorching sun. The good news – we did it. The bad news – Tara got really tired 😦 Good news – she had boiled corn as a reward and we ate poha. A picnic in the hills 🙂

– Tara wanted bubble bath and we decided to play in the jacuzzi for solid 90 minutes 🙂

– a long and lovely nap 🙂

– a crescent moon; wine, and home made shrimp, mushroom and spinach risotto! With Mochi. 🙂 🙂

Regardless of how our week went, we changed the trajectory with a solid weekend. I am hitting the bed early to kick off this coming week with a clear mind and a well rested body 🙂

Bring it on…!

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