Craft vs Science

Why is a craft lesser than science?

Craft – “skill in carrying out one’s work”

Science – “a systematically organized body of knowledge on a particular subject”

What good is science if that knowledge cannot be applied to get some work done? Why is science supreme and craft, a commoner’s aide? Doesn’t science explain, and craft delivers?

Science and craft can be mutually exclusive. But together they make the world go around. They make things happen. They make each other more complete. More fruitful. And more meaningful

Take, photography for example – there is an awful lot of science that goes behind us taking a picture. But the craft matters. How I view a scene may be different from how you view the same scene. When I looked at the sunshine on my book this afternoon, I felt warm, and if I was to take a picture of it, I’d focus on the light and it’s contrast to the darker side of the page. It requires craft to balance the white light and make this picture appear exactly as I see it in my head, and feel it in my heart.

Science explores, and craft gives form. Here’s another example – Teaching – Is it a craft or is it a science? Or is it both? And while we are at it, what about art? Are art and craft distinct? Yes. Art is an expression and craft a set of frameworks that can use science or art to build and formulate.

Larger question remains – Why should there be a dominant dimension? Can they not co-exist? Let one support the other and complement it to solve bigger problems – together, in unison.

Such is the world I imagine – No judgement, no dominant dimension. Just a lot of synergy to imagine, explore, create, and celebrate.

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