Golden Dusk

It was the golden hour before a winter sunset. The golden rays were shining through the bare branches of naked eucalyptus trees, making everything glow – from the grass in the NASA airfield to the mountain range in the far west.

I wish I could capture the scene with a camera. But I am certain no lens would do justice to the beauty that was in front of me. But then I was not sure if it was the golden state of mind that was reflecting in the view in front of me, or was it really the dusk at its best.

A golden state of mind is reflective of a nourished soul and a nourished mind.

I find nourishment in an engaging dialogue. Or an environment where you are challenged – intellectually and emotionally and where logic and passion play hand in hand. I am nourished by a good conversation. I also feel nourished by solving problems. I feel very nourished today. The glow is hard to miss.

The Golden Dusk was a perfect culmination to my week. Now let’s kick off the weekend!

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