In Austin

My Lyft driver tonight was deaf and dumb. I have been complaining about the chatty Lyft drivers all week. So now we are even. He was an elderly man, probably in his early fifties. I was thinking about him all through the ride. Whether he lost his hearing and his voice later in life, or was he born this way. Did he lose them together or one after the other. I really wanted to hear his story. And the fact that I knew I could not, made it even more tormenting.

For all the stories I heard this week, his is the one I really wanted to hear. He was a gentleman. As soon as I got in the car, he turned back and told me about his disabilities.

Luckily Tara had taught me sign language last weekend. As if she knew I’ll run into him. Strange coincidence.

So I googled to confirm the sign for thank you and wished him so when we arrived. He gave me a wide smile, a grin almost. It made my day.

I’ve been thinking about him all evening.

Travel connects me to people I barely know. It makes me empathize with people I have never met before and will likely not meet again. It is magical.

And it also keeps me up until late in the night, thinking about all these experiences I go through and the alternate lives that people live. And the sponge that I become when I am on the road, taking it all in, deepening my understanding of the world around me.

An interesting week at work. Doing what I love most. Building things that solve problems, with people who are passionate about solving them. So glad A is here too. We worked on my old team together. I was reminded of how awesome he is and all the fun we had solving problems together. VC picked a great team. She should be proud of it. I know she is. Cheers to her.

As for me, I am a little despondent. A little home sick. A little sad for my Lyft driver, a little confused about what I want from myself and a lot tired after these sleepless nights, and long yet rewarding days, in Austin.

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