Stories we tell

I have been procrastinating on reflecting on my week at work. There are several reasons for that. It was a mixed bag to say the least. It took me down a road I have not been in a long time.

A string of conversations, and events, took me down the memory lane. I was reminded of [Why?] I wanted to become a PM, now almost 15 years ago. And the passion with which I pursued it, and eventually achieved it. And the ease with which I gave up on it, after I had Tara. I guess I went from being a career building woman to a mother who also happens to have a career. It was a pivotal moment in my life – both personally and professionally.

A few years ago I had to redefine my [Why?]. I vaguely ended with two reasons – (1) Teams are a like a microcosm of a society. By building a good team you contribute to a good world. It takes effort, and empathy. But end result is gratifying. Much like any social cause. And (2) my career decisions have now landed me in a place, with an employer, where being a multiplier is the only way to make impact.

Giving up on my PM career at Salesforce was a decision that was hard to make, and has been even harder to keep. I bounced back, but on a new track. And I wonder if I picked the new career path because of convenience or conviction? Did I become a multiplier out of choice or out of conviction?

As humans we are good at telling stories. To others and ourselves. So here’s the story I tell myself – Do what helps you help others. That’s your [Why?] now. Rest is all noise.

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