musical ramblings

There is something very soothing about listening to music in a language you don’t understand. We were at Coupa Cafe today and the background music was just too good. So while we waited for Tara to finish her meal, I shazamed and found a new Guatamalan artist, Gaby Moreno. Listen to this. I also love listening to Carla Bruni for that reason. It is perfect work music. I love this to start my mornings. It is a very narcissistic song, but I ignore the lyrics, and tune into the beat.

Several moons ago while window shopping in Healdsburg, I found Lisa Timas, and even more moons ago, while brooding over a lonely dinner in Santa Monica, I found Armik. And of course Spring Waltz was playing in Evvia, when Agam and I went there for the first time on our third wedding anniversary. Here’s a longer version. I love finding music in these strange circumstances and then hold on to the memory for long.

I am a hoarder for memories, glances, conversations, stories, and music. I also like sharing it with people. And if I find someone who enjoys it as much as I do, it’s a bingo. Last Fall, we had a team visiting from Seattle. Since I was driving two of my team mates to dinner and traffic was terrible on Shoreline, I subjected them to my choice of music. It was a surprise when one of them knew the song. It was On the Nature of Daylight. I am never going to forget this memory.

Today we went for E’s birthday. She is Tara’s best friend and their love for each other is beautiful. I always get teary eyed watching my angel (usually monster) share happy moments with her friends. It is so adorable to watch those little faces expressing emotions of love and affection. It is the purest form of love one can witness. When the entertainer asked E to pick a friend to do the activity with her, and she said Tara, it was such a beautiful moment. Tara sprung up and the two of them curled their fingers together. I felt a tug at my heart, and I am sure E’s mom did too. God bless both of them.

We completed Project Nemo today. Well we took a little bit of a short cut. We didn’t go the regular frame route and used MixTiles. The end result is super cute and we finally checked off our January project from our to-do list. We need to pick a project for February now. We might do an activity board for all our travel adventures. Hmm.. Tara wants to call it Project Dory. But I’d like to call it Project Wings. We’ll see.

Now that Dadi’s PhD is coming to an end, we need to start planning our Greece trip in May. Oh the sheer joy of planning a trip. I love planning the details. The toughest plan so far has been for Alaska. It was not an easy task, since we were planning to drive and I was pregnant, with severe food restrictions. Japan was fun too. The most tedious trip to plan was our 21-day EU itinerary that covered 4 countries and 7 cities. But we did not have Tara then.

Anyways I am looking forward to start planning Greece 🙂 In search of more memories, conversations, stories, and music.

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