Splash and Sun

After two days of enjoying a low pace, home-bound life, mostly imposed due to Agam’s cold, Tara and I decided to venture out and go meet the ocean. It was a solid plan. We’d leave by 11:00am and be back by 3:00pm. Our goal was simple – say hello to the ocean, grab a chowder lunch at Moonraker, enjoy watching the waves for a little while and drive back.

But the ocean had something else in store for us. We made it to Rockaway Beach in 45min and found parking right by the rocks. I zipped up Tara’s jacket, put her hoodie on, and wrapped myself in a scarf. We were ready to face the cold. But we were not ready to get soaked.

A large wave crashed by the rocks, where we were parked, and Tara and I were washed out. We were soaking wet. We weren’t the only ones’ surprised by the wave. There were a few others. The shock of the wave was too much for Tara and she broke into tears. I rushed her indoors, and the waitress at the door was kind enough to offer us some towels.

Tara was easy to console. But our shoes, clothes and hair were dripping and the salt of the ocean was all over us. I dried up Tara somehow and changed her. I was still wet, and cold. Obviously I don’t carry a change for myself around. So we decided to ditch the lunch and head back home. We ran back to the car and sulkingly decided to drive back.

While drying Tara in the restroom, we both made good fun of the wild ocean and the nasty wave. They were upset with us. One because we left Daddy at home. And two, because all through the drive in, we were promising each other to not touch the water. We were only going to say hello. We were very certain of not dipping our feet in the water. And so, the waves decided to take revenge and soak us in the cold water. We called the ocean silly names, blamed it for ruining our plan, and the day was declared to be “disastrous”.

The drive back was fast since we could not wait to come home and tell Daddy about our day at the ocean. After a quick change, and dramatic narratives of the wave’s nasty onslaught, we were ready to make new plans. And so we decided to head to the Shoreline Lake. We were certain the shores will be kinder to us, and they were. It was a gorgeous sunny afternoon and we all enjoyed a sumptuous lunch, followed by a swift afternoon walk in the sun for Mommy, and scooter time for Tara and Daddy. We soaked in the Vitamin D (after soaking in sodium chloride in the morning), and enjoyed a fun afternoon in sun.

At nap time Tara and I talked about the wild waves and their unpredictable nature. Much like Tara and my moods. She agreed that the waves were naughty, yet so awesome. The hold so much force in them and yet are a delight to watch. Some day I will tell Tara about my kinship with the waves.

I checked my box of a date with the ocean, and Tara and I turned a day around like true optimists. I am certain we will remember this day for the rest of our lives. 😀

I started my day with a short story by Murakami that was published in the New Yorker this week. Between all the happenstances and strange events, I must confess that the day had a Murakami feeling to it. Odd and yet explainable.

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