rain & books

There were two beautiful things in the sky tonight – a crescent moon and scattered low altitude clouds that were creating a havoc in the Santa Cruz mountains. Too much beauty to soak in on my drive back home. So lyrical, and picturesque. Paired with a little drizzle, it was a perfect setting for a bay window, cup of coffee and a good book. Add to that a warm throw to snuggle in.

I spoke to an ex-manager and mentor after a very long time today. We share our love for books, among several other things, and even though the topic of today’s conversation was his recent decision to retire, we could not help but switch to talking about what we have been reading lately. I told him about Leading Matters, a book I received as a gift over the holidays that I thoroughly enjoyed reading and learning from. The diverse experiences of the author that range from academics to tech startups to research, makes it pretty unique. I also told him about how happy I felt when I received a book from someone. He was not surprised.

In fact he gifted me my very first annual subscription to the HBR to celebrate my promo, now almost 12 years ago. In return I gave him my copy of Man’s search for meaning. His reaction, point blank was – “you are too young for this.”. To which I had replied – “and you are too old to not have read this yet.”

I told him how I’ve missed getting book recommendations from him and he promised to send me his reading list every now and then. Let’s see if he lives up to his promise. He will have more time now that he is planning to retire. Every time we speak, he leaves me with a golden nugget. Today’s words of wisdom were – “By just being your authentic self, you help others be themselves around you. That’s enough on most days. You don’t need to be breaking ground every single day of the week.” I needed that advice today. Merci.

On that note, I love receiving book recommendations. It takes the load of choice off of my shoulders. People never recommend a bad book. At least not to me 🙂

As for me, from my reading list I ordered Dare to Lead yesterday. I don’t have any high hopes. And I will read the Billion Dollar coach once the paperback is out. I also started reading Why I am a Hindu by Shashi Tharoor on the flight back. A little too political in it’s narrative. But I see why people like to read him. He is not as verbose in his writing as he is in his speech.

Is it the long weekend already? I am sure waiting for one. I hope it rains over the weekend so I can live my imagination from this evening. 😀

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