A beautiful rhapsody

It had been a while since Agam and I attended a Holiday party. The last one was in 2013. And as with all things little, I get super excited about them. With so much planning and excitement around it one would assume that I would have made sure I get the wristbands to the party in time. Well that’s the thing about assumptions. They can be proven wrong.  And so I screwed up. As a friend called it – it was a royal bummer. Now let’s not go into what happened there. I take the blame 🙂 

So once I knew we weren’t making it to the party, my first thought was to cancel the baby sitter, and enjoy another Saturday night at home. But then it struck me that the goal was to leave Tara with a baby sitter, while Agam and I try to get some we time. And that goal can still be met. So I called – any guesses?? – Yep, Evvia and asked for a reservation for two. Well what was I thinking? It is Holiday season at Evvia’s too. Disappointment 😦

And then I asked Agam if we wanted to go for a movie? And of course he was prompt in his approval. So we decided to go for Bohemian Rhapsody last night. 

It had been a while since we both watched a movie in the theater together, without Tara. The last was in 2015 when Tara’s school was open and Google had a day off on the Friday before Christmas. Wow – time is flying. 

Blessing in disguise is how I’d summarize this whole twist of events. I like Holiday parties, but Agam – eh he is not fond of them. But we both like a good movie, and we used the three hours awarded to us, doing something we both love.

The movie opens with a small thank you note to the viewers. “Be grateful for those you lead.” I love the phrase, and it continues to linger in my thoughts. I am very grateful to the team(s) I have led in the last year. So grateful that I have tears in my eyes as I think about them. In what I’d call a very very sweet gesture – I am invited to my old team’s holiday cheer next Wednesday. These people were an integral part of my life this year, and I cannot wait to celebrate with them. So yes, be grateful for those you lead. 

That reminds me I need to write holiday notes this week. I started this tradition a decade ago. A little hand written note for people at work who added sparkles to my year. The list keeps growing with each year. I love taking the time to think of each of them and write a line or two summarizing their impact in my life, and raise a cheer to the next year.

Back to the movie. It ends with Freddie going to meet his parents. He repeats his Dad’s words back to him, “Good words, Good thoughts, Good deeds.” Simple and true. 

It was a good week that ended on a good note. Our plans may not always work out. But as long as we are open to making new plans,  make the most of what we have, and we can continue to find joy in little things – life can be a beautiful rhapsody

[rhapsodya musical composition of irregular form having an improvisatory character] 

Up next – 2018 reflections and Yays and Nays! 

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