While driving back from work I got stuck in some unexpected traffic. The 15min drive ended up being a 30min one. But YT Music learnt the mood and made the wait worth it 🙂

I love that feeling when you hear a song that is older than you, but you can merrily sing along since you know the lyrics by heart. I had probably not heard this song for a very long time. But I was surprised at my memory.

I rolled down the windows a tiny bit to get some fresh air in. Air that was so hard to breathe just a few weeks ago. And then I enjoyed my jukebox. We shuffled from Joan Baez to Perry Cumo to 70s Bollywood and then 60s Bollywood and then 50s Bollywood, back to John Denver and finally Iktara 🙂

A dreadful drive turned into a delight.

I am procrastinating to write Holiday cards. I am not even half way through and I know I will have to wake up at 5am one of these mornings to get them out in time. But I am ok with that. What better way to start my morning 🙂

20 days to Delhi! Woohoo 🙂 I love going घर for holidays. Even though it is such a short trip. It is totally worth it. Can’t wait to spend time with my mommy and sissy and in-laws and nieces, and cousins from both sides of our little but cosy extended family. The endless chai sessions, gupshup that has no end, mutton curries and fish curries and rajma chawals and kadhi chawals, and chole kulche, and Birra. And the sheer warmth of our family and friends. And of course the beautiful Delhi winter and the unbearable air quality. We are lucky that Delhi/GGN is home for both of us which means we can spend double the time with both the families.

Even though California is home for us, but there will always be only one घर – my Delhi 🙂

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