Chai and paper

We bunked the swimming class this morning. It seemed brutal to wake up little Tara when the house seemed so warm and cozy and the visibility outside looked dismal. So we played around for a while and then ran downstairs to bake a candy cake for Dadu’s birthday. It was Tara’s idea. She helped me whisk the ingredients together and came up with the idea of putting the candy in the middle.

The smoggy Bay area weather makes me so nostalgic that I crave chai every morning and evening. For some strange reason, I feel like our chai routine is the most sticky routine that we follow when we are in Delhi. And no matter where you are, there is always chai. I think of Delhi and I think chai.

So in memory of Delhi and it’s smog, I made some ginger-elaichi chai today. It was the most positive twist to the smog situation that is plaguing our lives these days. I make chai only when someone visits us. Agam is not fond of it, and I won’t grate the ginger and pound the elaichi just for myself. May be when Tara grows up I will have company.

As I was making the chai, I remembered how back home, an average Indian’s day started with a steaming cup of chai, and the newspaper. How many of us have that routine today? We don’t even subscribe to a news paper anymore.  May be when I run Books by the bay, I will have time to start the day with ginger-elaichi chai and a crisp newspaper. Until then, chai on weekends is all I can afford. 😀 

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