In or Out?

When I went to pick up Tara today, she had a sullen face since she missed her play time outdoors, and was stuck in a room all day :(. It saddens me to see the little kids play indoors every day because of the terrible air quality in Bay area. The smoke becomes worse towards the end of the day, and the whole scene is so depressing and gloomy.

I shiver at the thought of living in such conditions. And I feel so depressed about the kids in Delhi who have to deal with this problem every winter.

I must admit that I have become more attuned to this air in the last five days. A quick walk across the parking lot was more tolerable today. There are bigger things one gets used to in life. Terrible air quality is just one of them. Sigh!

Today as I took the right turn on Villa, and looked in my rear view mirror, I felt a presence. I was not alone. It is not the first time that this has happened. I often feel my Dad’s presence when I am driving. After I took the turn, and collected my thoughts, I looked again, and Tara’s car seat was back in its place. I swear it was not there just fractions of seconds ago. I had been thinking of him today, so I am not surprised he decided to visit. He was looking out, and I was looking within. In all of this, I did manage to catch his honest grin. It was enough.

Tonight Agam was attending a Meetup at work, and Tara and I were by ourselves. We enjoyed a quick dinner, and then hung out in our little library, reading books aloud, and picking our holiday card. Tara helped me pick a photo, and a card layout. I was fretting over the details, but she was quick to pick and persistent with her choice. It was fun 🙂

I feel a little choked up right now. There is a storm of words brewing within. None willing to come out. Just a lot of ifs and buts and whys and sighs! Don’t think it will rain tonight. Let’s wait for another day. Let the storm have its way. Sometimes it takes a little while to know, do you want to let it in or just let it go…

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