wildest wish

Every time we go to Amber for lunch I enter a time machine. This place caters to such a wide demographic. I can look left, and imagine myself sitting with Tara and Agam, ten years down the line. Or look to my right and see myself struggling with the little Tara she was a few years back. There are people from all age groups and regions of India.

I cannot help myself from eavesdropping into conversations around me when I am there. There are doting Dads and aloof Dads, loving Moms and strict Moms, good natured teenagers and rebels. It is entertaining to hear the next gen talk about the origins of jalebis and dabelis, while the old gen tries to describe everything in utmost detail.

I wonder what kind of a ABCD kid will Tara grow up to be. Will she also speak with this very annoying accent? Will she also butcher delicious hindi words like jalebi? I hope not! Also will be she be a rebel as a teenager? Will she still come out for Indian buffet lunches with her parents? And will she be a chatterbox at social occasions? Will she still hug me after every bite? Sigh! I am not ready for any of this.

A slight digression. Amber (Los Altos) has their best buffet spread during Diwali weekends. Agam and binged on their goat curry today. It is JUST like Mom’s mutton curry. And mine too 😛 (just saying).

While we were at lunch, Agam got a call from Tara’s music teacher, Mr D. Mr D is a child psychologist who loves spending time with 2-4 yr olds, and makes them familiar with musical instruments, with no intention of teaching the kids how to play any of them. Tara loves his class, and looks forward to it every Saturday. Mr D offered to share his notes on Tara with us, as part of the class update. He had called Agam regarding that.

Mr D shared that Tara has a very positive spirit. She does not get deterred by the changes in her environment and maintains her positive demeanor regardless of the environment around her (Ahem ahem ahem). And second, she is a child without any baggage. She has no hiccups, no apprehensions. And that is very refreshing to see. For a child her age, she is very good with adapting to different situations. (Ahem ahem ahem). He advised that we let her find her passion, and never dumb down things to explain to her. She is wise, and we should respect that.

I felt so warm and proud hearing this feedback. But of course I could not let the moment pass. Agam and I chuckled about that fact that she is picking these positive attributes from the women in the family – her super positive Daadi and quite positive Mommy. Dadu and Daddy are a different story :P. And that her super adjusting nature is a reflection on all the travels and experiences she has been exposed to so early in life. Fact is that Agam and I are totally winging it with this whole parenthood thing, and it seems like it is working 🙂

I loved Mr D’s comment about not dumbing things down for her. I have never lied to Tara about where is Nanu, and she understands it.  I don’t want her to look for him in the sky and be disappointed.

Tonight when Tara asked for a new hindi song, I could not come up with anything else, so I started singing this. Asha Parekh looks so young in this song, it is a delight to watch her. And of course Sunil Dutt looks so dashing, as always.

15 days to her 4th birthday. Sometimes I still cannot believe that she is here. She is for real, and she is just what I had wanted. Sometimes wishes do come true. And she is my wildest wish.

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